NY Kings of Comedy, Talent, Capone, Mark Viera, Rob Stapleton

NY Kings of Comedy, Talent, Capone, Mark Viera, Rob Stapleton

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Every once in awhile theres an event that takes place that makes you shake you head and say that was truly AMAZING...well The NY Kings Comedy Tour is just that event. Consisting of Capone, Talent Harris, Rob Stapleton, Mark Viera and Drew Fraser you can expect the laughs to begin from the moment the first NY KING walks to the stage. Be assure.. there are no ‘soft' or ‘weak' spot in the line up. From the top of the show, through the end, you will laugh like you’ve never laughed before. One the most unique aspects about the NY King is the versatility of the Tour.  Talent Harris's has the uncanny gift that commands your attention and never lets it go, as his hilarious presence swoops you in for an hysterical, magical ride within the first few moments. Drew Fraser’s unique, high pitch, side splitting analyst, quickly begins to crack the first rib. Just as the pain subsides, Rob Stapleton steps to the stage and hits you with his in your face, fast paced style,  which slowly begins to make your eye’s water with laughter.  After a few moments of catching your breathe and just when you think your getting it all together again, Mark Viera's beyond funny tales about his family and latino upbringing will have you running out of your seat. At this point most shows have hit the wall and are ready to come to a close NOT THE NY KING..at this point the show reaches new heights when Capone steps up to the stage and brings his patented rambunctious energy that only a few can follow.  The Ny Kings have credits that include HBO Def Comedy Jam, HBO's Bad Boys of Comedy, Jaime Fox’s Laffapoolza, Comedy Central Specials, BET Comicview, Showtime Specials, movies and tv pilots etc. When The NY Kings of Comedy Tour comes to your city it is the hot ticket of the moment.

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