Levity Mic'd Up

Welcome to Mic'd Up at Levity Live hosted by Dave Saitzyk!

We are excited to announce to all aspiring stand up comedians to come be a part of Levity Live's Mic'd Up Night.  We encourage you to bring friends to enjoy the show, and have fun watching YOU on stage!

Each comic who is booked and confirmed by DAVE SAITZYK ONLY will be doing 4-5 minute sets SO COME PREPARED.

You can earn more time on stage by bringing more people to the show, but there will be a max time allowance.

Sign up needs to be confirmed PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE SHOW!

Winners of Mic'd Up shows can earn spots on NYc Pro Shows at Levity Live!!

We need the following info to be considered for the show.... Registration must be completed in advance and confirmed


If you are interested in being booked for the show, please contact MicdUp@levitylive.com


Nyack Levity LiveWest Nyack, NY