Julio Gonzalez

Julio was a comedian before he even hit the stage. He was always the funny guy where ever he went. Always trying to make people laugh no matter where he was, be it the back yard party or the grocery store.

Julio has built a following with his stage presence, jokes and funny face. Julio’s comedy is based on his experiences from people reminding him he’s fat, to losing 140 pounds, and relationships, society and women, also just having fun with life. He has created a fan base in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Texas, Arizona, and Minnesota and growing. His goal is to make everyone laugh, and become famouser. Not only does Julio make people laugh but he also helps other with his comedy shows where the admission is a donation everything from a can of food to t-shirts, pants, and socks. The charity shows have helped Community Action Partnership - County of San Bernardino (C.A.P.S.B.C.), MEND Poverty San Fernando Valley, Fullerton collage Food Bank, and Empower Nepali Girls, which helps at risk children. Over 2 ton of food raised to date, 1000+ articles of clothes helping homeless, and low income families. Julio has been committed to becoming the change he wants to see in this world, all while making you laugh. Come see why so many support.  


Oxnard Levity LiveOxnard, CA